The best way to deal with a blocked pipe is to prevent it from getting blocked in the first place as just one leaking pipe can result in water pooling under your floors and fixtures, potentially causing lasting damage. Regular maintenance on sewer and stormwater pipes can prolong their life, prevents leaks and help you avoid expensive repairs.

In the event you do need a solution for your drainage problems, Nuflow has the ability to repair pipes without the hassle of pipe excavation or causing damage to infrastructure by digging.


Foreign Items

Sewer pipes are designed to handle specific types of materials. If something unsuitable enters the sewer (e.g. if you flush a foreign object down the toilet), this can lead to a blockage. In some cases, you can install a screen over a drain in order to keep any foreign items from getting into the system. But, more importantly, you need to be aware of which objects (and fluids) you can and can’t flush down the toilet.

Deteriorated Physical Condition

As with any type of infrastructure, sewer pipes can become rundown and less efficient over time. This is why it’s so important to check on the condition of your pipes regularly and arrange maintenance or repairs promptly when they are necessary. You can also make things easier for yourself by having a durable pipe liner installed, such as those included in our Redline or Blueline system.

Ground Movement

Environmental events, such as a change in season, can cause soil to contract or expand rapidly. In some instances, this can cause damage to underground pipes and lead to a blocked sewer. Although it can be difficult to see the problem until there are aboveground warning signs, there are still things you can do to protect your pipes:

  • Make sure any soil around pipes is well-draining in order to keep moisture levels as stable as possible
  • Install mechanical flexible couplings to allow movement if significant ground movement occurs often
  • Ensure you use the correct type of bedding method to suit your ground conditions, type of pipes and expected loadings
  • Have your drains camera inspected regularly to check for damage.

Tree Roots

Tree roots naturally grow towards sources of water. This means that if your underground pipes have a crack, it is possible a tree root will enter the system. Once this occurs, you can very easily end up with a blocked sewer pipe. You can lower the chances of this happening by being careful about which trees you choose to plant in the vicinity of your pipes. Your best bet is to ensure no trees are located within 5 metres of your pipes.

The most commonly problematic trees are those with aggressive root systems. These include:

  • Fig trees and rubber plants
  • Poplars
  • Willows
  • Coral trees
  • Large gum trees
  • Jacarandas
  • Illawarra flame trees
  • Norfolk Island and Bunya pines
  • Liquidambars
  • Australian white cedars
  • Casuarinas
  • Pine trees
  • Plane trees
  • Pepper trees
  • Elms


A blocked sewer can quickly lead to problems for any building – residential or commercial. If the issue isn’t taken care of swiftly, the consequences can be costly, frustrating, and downright unpleasant. If you know or suspect that problems with your building’s pipes are being caused by blocked sewerage, we encourage you to get in touch with our expert team as soon as possible. Using our state-of-the-art technology and techniques, we can have all your water flowing smoothly again in no time.

What Can You Do?

We often take for granted the network of pipes around our properties that remove water and waste on demand. Until they stop working, that is. Regularly paying just a bit of attention to your sewer pipes can prolong their life, prevent leaks, and help you avoid expensive repairs.

Start by familiarising yourself with your drainage system. In particular, note the location and condition of:

  • Your property’s overflow relief gully (ORG)
  • Your property’s inspection opening to surface (IOS) if there is one

The ORG is the drain-like feature with a grated lid, which you’ll find on the ground somewhere on your property. It directs overflows outside your home if you have a blocked sewer pipe. Meanwhile, an IOS provides a handy access point to the underground pipes. One of these can be installed by a licensed drainer if necessary.

Knowing where these key features are enables you to check them regularly and ensure there are no warning signs of blocked sewerage. For example, you should make sure your ORG’s grate is loosely fitted and that there are no pot plants, tiles or other objects covering it.

Preventing Blocked Sewers

Of course, the best way to deal with a blocked sewer pipe is to prevent it from getting blocked in the first place! Here’s a quick explanation of four leading causes of blocks and what you can do to counter them.

Blocked Drain Albury Wodonga

Call in the Professionals

If a blocked sewer is causing havoc for your home or business, trust Nuflow to take care of the problem quickly, affordably, and with minimal impact on your life. Contact us today to discuss your situation and find out how we can assist you.