Forget the necessary evil of closing your entire business down for a day during pipe repairs. With our Blueline technology, we can fix your pipe problems quickly, easily and without making a mess.


Designed to repair pipes under surfaces you don’t want to destroy, Blueline solves problems with leaking sewerage pipes, leaking stormwater pipes and leaking water pipes without having to excavate any surfaces – resulting in minimal disruption.

What pipes can we repair?

  • PVC, earthenware or clay, asbestos, galvanised steel, cast iron, copper, concrete and HDPE
  • Diameters from 40mm to 1000mm
  • Vertical or horizontal, square, rectangular or round pipes

How do you know if you have a blocked drain or pipe?

  • After flushing, toilets fill up then recede slowly
  • Drainage may overflow outside
  • Bad odours
  • Water fills up and recedes slowly in sinks

How do I know for sure what is causing the blockage?

The only way to be completely sure of what is causing a blockage is to have an inspection completed. Our inspection process involves surveying, cleaning your pipes and removing any blockages. This enables a clear view to provide a diagnosis of problems and a detailed end-of project report.

What causes my drains to become blocked?

  • Deteriorated physical condition
  • The flushing of foreign items
  • Tree roots entering a broken pipe
  • Ground movement